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Glenn Farrington, Director
Date: 21 November 2017

Re: Grateful for having Insurance through GJ Insurance Consulting Pty Ltd We decided after 30 years of youth work in a variety of charities to start a company that helped generational unemployed young people, young people on welfare or disability pension, young people who said that when they went for an interview they couldn't get a job because they didn't have enough work experience. It was important that in training these young people in preparation for work that it was a legitimate work and not a pretend work, so I started a maintenance company (gardening, mulching, firewood supplies, rubbish removals etc). These are real customers, with real expectations that we would do a good job and be paid for it. The only snag was public liability and professional indemnity insurance, this was very difficult to obtain! I called several insurance companies and they informed me that I needed to go through insurance broker. I then started researching and phoning Insurance Brokers they were very interested until I told them about having ‘high risk young people’ training in real work. The conversation took a direction of ridicule or nervous giggle or too high risk, the worse response was I get back to you.... but they didn’t!

However the advice I was given, work with young people who didn't have such a background it wouldn't be an issue.

With support of my wonderful wife Wendy we risked everything and operated without insurance for 5 months, continuing to call brokers, I found a insurance company GJ Insurance Consulting Pty Ltd and talked to a professional caring person called Mandy McGann (National Account Manager). Finally an insurance company that valued all people of the community equally and understood that young people, just needed a break. Mandy spent many phone meetings with myself understanding and tailor making the insurance for my companies requirements and Yes, Mandy phoned back that an insurance company ANSVAR was interested but needed a bit more convincing. Mandy suggested a write a letter outlining what Training Now program does and the ‘cost breaking the cycle’ for young people. The letter was sent off and same day, Mandy called to say they would cover us with insurance at a reasonable price.

We and the young people are truly grateful to Mandy McGowan and the team at GJ Insurance Consulting Pty Ltd. without them going to bat for us we may not have seen the playing field being leveled.

We have one young lad who dropped out of school and destined for welfare life worked with me over many months training and learning all aspects of “Introduction to Worklife”. One customer was so impressed with his work ethics asked if he could offer this lad an Electrical Apprenticeship, words cannot express the elation for this young lad and his family who’s future is now changing. This is one of many stories that have come about because someone cared, an insurance broker thought outside the box. I would highly recommend the team at GJ Insurance Consulting Pty Ltd.


Ken Pullen, CEO
Date: 15/7/2015

Christian Venues Association (CVA) has been working with Greg Thomas of GJ Insurance Consulting since 2002. During this extended period, the Association has placed all its insurances through GJIC and has been recommending policies developed by GJIC to the Association’s membership.

A significant proportion of CVA’s membership find these policies have met their insurance needs, and at rates that have saved them outlays that may be better spent on other areas within their ministry. Greg has a vast knowledge of the insurance industry and the needs of Christian ministries including Camps, Conference Centres, Activity Providers and Churches.


Rebecca Saunders

Big Red Constructions have been utilising the services of GJ Insurance Consulting since 2015.

When we commenced with them they reviewed our current Insurance program and found some gaps in coverage, we are now comfortable that we have a stronger insurance plan for our business and personal insurances.

GJIC have been prompt, friendly and knowledgeable and their claims assistance has been a great help.